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The Food Safety Instructor Welcomes You

Excellent Food Safety Education

Since 2012, The Food Safety Instructors has educated students in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. We are committed to helping students learn food safety techniques and develop new skills. Learn about food-borne illness, how to prevent it and how to train employees in food sanitation. Earn nationally accredited food safety certification from the National Restaurant Association. Grow your mindset as you yourself and the others around you handle food safely through the techniques taught in the ServSafe® Food Safety Management Training Classes. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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What you will learn

Our instruction provide students with a thorough understanding of the material, so that they are able to tackle problems in real life The ServSafe program helps prepare you for the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification exam. Training covers these concepts:

The Importance of Food Safety
Good Personal Hygiene
Time and Temperature Control
Preventing Cross-Contamination
Cleaning and Sanitizing
Safe Food Preparation
Receiving and Storing Food
Methods of Thawing, Cooking, Cooling and Reheating Food
HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)
Food Safety Regulations
And more . . .

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Services we offer

Re-certification exams for those previously ServSafe Certified.

One day courses 8 hours with certification exam (basic review of the coursebook)

2 day course 16 hours with certification exam. Recommended. (course covers deeply into each chapter of the coursebook.) Team members end up with a better score on the examination, but also puts more of a drive in your team to handle food safely and to train others to do so as well.

Food Safety consulting services

From help with Plan Review to food safety inspections for excessive SNHD health inspection downgrades.


reasons for a solid food safety program

Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world! Millions go to shows and shop; they golf and they gamble – and they eat! They trust us to serve them food that doesn’t make them sick. Your restaurant is important to our economy and your livelihood – let’s make sure your team knows what they are doing when they serve your customers. If we don’t, the repercussions will be severe due to  these types of violations, Millions of dollars are paid in fines; Restaurants are closed for excessive points on a regular basis by the local health department The Southern Nevada Heath District (SNHD) during food establishments routine health inspections.

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About Us

The Food Safety Instructors plays a huge part in educating the minds of the greater Las Vegas area. Our mobile food safety classes has been teaching students since 2012, and believes in the principles of dialog and active participation to foster education. We want all of our students to develop their skill set, and push themselves to reach the potential needed every day in the food and beverage industry.

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Legal Stuff

ServSafe® Food Safety Training is the most recognized food safety and sanitation certification program in the United States. The ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Training program provides the resources to help keep food safety as an essential part of everyday living.

ServSafe is a registered trademark of the
National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation,
and used under license by National Restaurant Association
Solutions, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the National
Restaurant Association

ServSafe is a registered trademark of the
National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation,
and used under license by National Restaurant Association

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